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  Hello Generation Z : Embracing a new approach to the changing world of 


  Are the expectations of new graduates changing as they enter the new world

  of work?

  The Follow-Up Letter: The Forgotten Career Search Tool

  Does the Functional Resume Really Work?

  The Phone Interview: A Valuable Screening Tool

  Why you should not skip the cover letter

  How effective are career and personality assessments?

  Marketable Skills for the Future

  Contacting Recruitment Firms & Employment Agencies

  Addressing Career Related Obstacles in the Interview

  Strategically Addressing Past Work Experience in the Resume

  Your Client's Career Transition in the Current Economy

  Informational Interviews: A valuable networking tool for career transitions

  Mitigating Obstacles and Barriers for Newcomers

  Become a True Career Professional in 2016

  Your Attitude Impacts Your Job Search

  Supporting Newcomers to Canada

  The Labour Market is Changing and so is the workplace

  The New Resume: Brand Engineering

  Thoughtfully Portray Your Client's Story in the Resume's Career Summary

  Emotional Intelligence: A Marketable Skill for Career Success

  Certification in the Career Field:  A Wise Investment

  Do you practice handshaking with your clients?

  How advanced resume training helped me innovate

  Tips for Branding: the Cornerstone of your Career Service

  Ten Tips for Starting Your Own Career Business


  What Recruiters Want

​  Generation Z Enters the Labour Market

  Embracing the Face of Dynamic Change

  The Growing IT Market: Building Powerful Resumes for IT Professionals

  Help Your Client Discover their "Soul Career" & Stop the Vicious Cycle of Job-


  From Chaos to Clarity: The Chaos Theory of Careers

  Unleash Your Full Potential through Interactive Online Learning

  Why ethics are crucial to delivering career services in today's market

  Gain a Competitive Edge with Your CDP

  How Maslow's Theory Stands Up Today

  Certification in the Career Field: A Wise Investment

  Understand Employment Strategy and You'll Write Superior Resumes

  Workplace Flexibility on the Rise

  Case Study: How Language Impacts New Immigrant Outcomes

  How to Build Your Client's Resilience During Tough Times

  Interview Practice: A Perfect Summer Activity

  A Secret to Alleviating Job Search Stress: Yoga

  Positioning Clients to Excel in Their Performance Reviews

  10 Ways to Help Clients Find Meaning in their Careers

  Incorporate a Powerful Career Narrative in Resume Building

  Helping Clients Identify their Ideal Workplace Culture

  Are You Up to Date on the Many Benefits of CPC Membership

   Supporting Mental Wellness in the Workplace  

  Do You Make Assumptions About Clients?

  Helping Clients Succeed in the Gig Economy

  Ten Resume Tips from Best Canadian Resumes

  The Benefits of Partnering with a Professional Association

  Lori Jazvac MCRS: Newest Member of an Elite Professional Group

  Are You a Voice of Inspiration for Your Clients?

  Be Your Clients' Champion

  10 Tips for Uncovering and Showcasing Your Client's Accomplishments

  Volunteerism: The Vehicle for Driving Change in the Community 

  Employing a Creative, Holistic Approach to Interview Preparation

  How to Help Clients Turn Office Politics into Positive Outcomes 

  How to Transform Your Clients into Preferred Candidates

  The Power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Transforming Careers and Lives

  Help Clients Circumvent Honeymoon Hangover 

  The Power of Alchemy: Helping Clients Recover from Downsizing

  This Canada Career Month, Let's Talk About Growth & Meaning

  Help Clients Navigate Change and Positively Embrace a New Year

  T.O.T.E Your Way to Greater Success


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