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Did you know that the first résumé was created by Leonardo da Vinci in 1482? 


The résumé has gone through a 500+-year evolution. Much has changed. Decades ago, the résumé was seen as a document simply outlining duties and responsibilities with little emphasis on the candidate's milestones.  The résumé was usually perceived by many jobseekers as a "career obituary" that detailed their every professional experience.


Since then, the résumé has changed drastically along with the labour market. Today, an innovative approach is needed to capture the attention of employers in a few seconds. Mediocre résumés simply won't do in this competitive and changing world of work. The résumé needs to succinctly convey your career story and brand as well as unique value!


What is my secret to creating a stand-out résumé?








I implement Master-level expertise, serious fact-finding, and strategic planning along with creativity to create a compelling résumé for each client.


Today, the résumé represents a key brand marketing tool that is instrumental in positioning you for your next career move while setting you apart from the competition.


Essentially, the résumé is your passport to rewarding career opportunities. Change happens. You cannot afford to delay the résumé building process for another week or month, or even a year or more!  Your career matters and your career satisfaction matters too.


Your NEW résumé is critical -- it reflects a strategic forecasting tool, a vital career planning tool, and a snapshot of your expertise and accomplishments -- your brand and unique value.

Read more here about best Master-level résumé strategies.

Clients/jobseekers often confide that their résumés generate few results, yet they are uncertain about the criteria or rationale as to why.

Does your original résumé reveal any of these red flags:

  1. Lacks a clear focus / target? 

  2. Misses out on a summary profile or has a wordy summary profile?

  3. Fails to include a powerful brand statement?

  4. Offers an unappealing design or little design to stand out?

  5. Reveals an inconsistent format or inappropriate format? (often, hybrid / combination résumés work best)

  6. Overemphasizes responsibilities rather than concrete results?

  7. Fails to highlight your unique brand or value in an interesting way?

  8. Does not integrate keywords relevant to your career focus and job requirements?

  9. Is void in emphasizing your accomplishments?

  10. Looks outdated in style and/or presentation?

  11. Appears hard to read due to stylistic elements? Not ATS-friendly?

  12. Detracts from employers’ or recruiters’ attention?

  13. Fails to address employment gaps or other obstacles with a smart strategy?


Does your résumé produce little results with employers or recruiters ? (i.e. no positive feedback or lack of interviews...) 

If you answered "YES" to any of the above, then it's time to rethink your résumé strategy!

Constructive feedback:

Most résumés that come across my desk reflect a wealth of well-rounded marketable skills and diversified expertise by clients of all fields and levels across the globe. Many of these clients have exceptional talents and competencies supported by a rich history of milestones.


Yet, these résumés often fail to draw out the candidate's UNIQUE VALUE -- this is why they get screened out.  In many résumés, I see a lack of focus or accomplishments missing, concealed, or undeveloped. Most résumés  need a complete re-customization in content, mechanics, style, design, and format.

As a Master Résumé Writer highly trained by leading experts, I employ a MASTER-LEVEL STRATEGY in creating a stellar résumé that is customized for YOU, the client and meets the requirements or objectives of the employer or recruiter.  It's based on understanding your focus, unique value and accomplishments, while driving your value and brand thoughtfully throughout all brand marketing documents.











Do you want to have a professional résumé designed by an expert that is:

  • Strategically customized to your career focus

  • Crafted to differentiate you from the competition


  • Supported by SMART high-impact statements and action verbs


  • Keyword-optimized 


  • ATS-friendly to help you navigate complex ATS systems

  • Professional, yet innovative in presentation

  • Created to highlight your brand identity and unique value


  • Succinct and readable in featuring your professional experience


  • Consistent in formatting 

  • Aimed at highlighting your Unique Value Proposition


  • Accomplishment-focused ­-- features quantitative and qualitative results

  • Based on 100% integrity and accuracy of facts and milestones

  • Proofread and polished to your satisfaction


  • Poised to handle potential career obstacles/gaps and elimination factors



Did you know that often all employers will check out your LinkedIn profile even before they read your résumé?  And your résumé needs to be consistent, update, and synchronized with your LinkedIn profile!


A compelling LinkedIn profile works with the résumé as a valuable social media tool that will tell your "career story" concisely.  A strong LinkedIn  profile will highlight your brand. Maintaining a solid LinkedIn presence will expand your leads, networks, career prospects, and learning opportunities. The LinkedIn profiles that I have developed alone have maximized clients' visibility and generated great career and networking opportunities.


Seek the support of a trusted Master Résumé Writer / Certified Career Transition Coach. Let’s start by defining your career goals and your ideal role...and get the résumé-building and LinkedIn process started. Your career journey awaits and your career growth matters! Contact 905.730.2374.

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An Empowering Master-Level Resume Strategy


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