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helping you aim higher to achieve your career goals!

Creative Horizons Communications, a Halton-based firm, was founded in an inspiring vision by Lori Jazvac. Since 2013, we have been supporting numerous jobseekers of all walks of life to further their career objectives.

Here's how Creative Horizons Communications can help you to achieve your career goals:

✴️ Establish a clear purpose, goals, and unique value

✴️ Support you with navigating any type of career transition  using a hidden job market based approach

✴️ Keep you fully informed with career news and resources about labour market trends and developments 

✴️ Create professional and compelling career and brand marketing packages using a Master-level résumé strategy


✴️ Offer a client-centric, empowering NLP-based approach designed to position you for your next career move


✴️ Deliver strategies and solutions to address various career issues, barriers, or gaps via career coaching.


As a passionate, award-winning Master Certified Résumé Strategist, Certified Employment Strategist, Certified NLP Practitioner/Coach, and Certified Career Transition Coach, Lori proudly supports jobseekers to advance in their careers using a virtual, holistic, and intuitive approach.

Do you need career guidance or support with your next career move? Contact Lori @ 905.730.2374 or email


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