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Lori A. Jazvac

Vision & Mission


In 2013, Creative Horizons Communications was founded by Lori Jazvac in an inspiring vision to drive change in a dynamic labour market.


Creative Horizons Communications strives to represent a trusted "career lighthouse" and "one-stop career service firm" to help numerous jobseekers of all fields and levels globally navigate their next career move. Our innovative, master-level, and customized approach supports every jobseeker to aim higher, realize their unique value, and translate obstacles into opportunities. 

Since 2013, we have been supporting diverse jobseekers across the globe to further their career objectives using a holistic, customized, and intuitive approach. We provide jobseekers with the latest career news, creative resources and strategic solutions to enhance their career success.

How Creative Horizons Communications was launched  

Having gained first-hand experience of a career restructuring in her earlier career and post-recession in 2008, Lori wanted to give back to the community by helping various jobseekers to elevate their career growth.

After completing her arts degree and earning her first Certified Resume Strategist credential through CPC, Lori executed her vision. Creative Horizons Communications, a virtual career service firm was independently launched.

Passionate Writer, Career Change Advocate & Career Intuitive

Lori is a passionate award-winning writer, career storyteller, and career intuitive with a unique ability to pinpoint people's strengths and help them navigate their career path using an NLP-based, client-focused strategy. As a Certified Career Transition Coach and Certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner/Coach and Certified Work-Life Strategist, she has proven success in supporting countless professionals of all walks of life leverage their purpose and confidently achieve their career goals. Career / résumé packages are professionally customized using  a proven and effective master-level strategy. She has earned top awards in employment/career services and career training and development.

Lori is an accomplished Humanities graduate with a background in Human Resources and Business Administration. She possesses more than ten years of diversified industry experience in office administration, accounting/collections, customer service, and sales/marketing. She knows the criteria that employers or recruiters are seeking in candidates!


Since youth, her keen interest in writing has spanned across various genres including academic writing, business writing, blog and article writing, and poetry writing. In her spare time, Lori enjoys dance, higher learning, walking, fitness, creative arts, and yoga. 

Whether you are an entry- or mid-level professional, executive, or career changer preparing for your next career transition, Lori looks forward to helping you embrace a new career horizon! Our creative, client-centred NLP-based approach, diverse career service offerings, and valuable strategic resources will confidently position you for your next career move.

Resourceful - Solutions-Focused - High Quality - Exceptional Service


CREATIVE - Creativity, Resilience, Enlightenment, Ambition, Tenacity, Integrity, Vision, Excellence

HORIZONS - Honesty, Overcoming Obstacles, Risk-Taking, Independence, Zeal, On a Journey, Never-Limiting Possibilities, and Synchronicity

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