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In 2013, Creative Horizons Communications was founded by Lori Jazvac in an inspiring vision to drive empowering change for jobseekers in a dynamic labour market.


Creative Horizons Communications strives to represent a trusted "career lighthouse" and "one-stop career service firm" to help numerous jobseekers of all fields and levels globally navigate their next career move. Our innovative, master-level, and customized approach supports every jobseeker to aim higher, realize their unique value, and translate obstacles into opportunities. 

Our motto: "Think creatively and visualize a new career horizon!"



Creative Horizons Communications, a Halton-based virtual career service firm, champions thousands of diverse jobseekers across the globe to further their career objectives using a holistic, tailored, and intuitive approach. We provide jobseekers of all backgrounds, fields, and levels with tailored career products and brand marketing services while equipping them with creative and strategic solutions to enhance their career success.


1. To continue expanding and innovating our career products and services in 2021 and beyond, enabling jobseekers of all fields and levels to maximize their growth and return on investment through empowering client-centred coaching.

2.  To position diverse jobseekers for their next career transition by creating compelling brand marketing packages within 7 to 10 days via a master-level résumé strategy, high-quality expertise, and a compelling career storytelling approach that differentiates their value.

3.  To help jobseekers revitalize their brand and confidently enhance their competitive advantage with a powerful, award-winning A-B-C-D Method  that streamlines and accelerates their job search at a fraction of the time.



The values of Creative Horizons Communications embody the core beliefs and the empowering strategy undertaken in collaboratively assisting jobseekers to further their career goals. The values are based on a strong belief and motivation in championing diverse jobseekers to secure meaningful and satisfying work aligned with their personalized needs, objectives, and the changing labour market.






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