Strategic Career Guides for Jobseekers

Gain knowledge and stay informed about the latest career news and tips for moving ahead in your career!


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What Does Your Career Roadmap Look Like?
9-page guide - Creating your career roadmap
All Your Job Offer Questions Answered 
10-page guide on: Comparing Job offers PLUS
9-page guide: Frequently Asked Questions 
Super LinkedIn All In One Bundle: Step by Step Guide on Navigating LinkedIn
36-page guide: Creating an online LI profile with tips for success
A Guide to Creating Your Own Personal/Professional Development Plan
11-page worksheet: Creating a personal/professional development plan
Transitioning to Your New Role: Creating a 3-Month Plan for Career Success
10-page guide: Creating a 3-month plan for empowerment in your new role
A Guide to Smoothly Leaving Your Job
11-page guide: Weighing your options and making a smooth transition
 Your Personal Branding Kit
15-page guide: Creating your personal brand – step by step
 Your Accomplishments: The Goldmine to Your Personal Brand
13-page guide: Keeping track of your accomplishments